企业新闻 | 2021-06-16

火狐体育_Another quarter,another set of disappointing results for Samsung . this time,Net profit fell 27% from the previous year as intense commers新一季度,三星再次受挫。在激烈竞争后,三星破坏了智能手机市场,公司净利润比去年暴跌27%。


the fourth quarter results are troubling,but not unexpected . Sam sungs profits have now declined for three consecutive quarters,A trend that公司在第四季度陷入困境,但并没有什么转折点。随着三星利润第三季度下滑,这家电子巨人恢复了新的企业灵魂。there were some bright spots : the companys smart phone business showed signs of stabilization,and chip sales were strong。


几个闪存点:公司Yet there is no doubt : Samsung needs to reinvent itself。但是毫无疑问,三星需要改造自己。

For years,the company relied on its smart phone division to deliver major profits . Samsung had a iron grip on major markets including China And huu多年来,公司依靠智能手机部门获取主要利润。三星对包括中国在内的市场实施铁拳政策,使其沦落为世界第二大技术品牌之一,盈利很大。but intense competition at both the high and low ends of the smart phone market have reversed Sam sungs fortunes . the company is now ranked third in A,company is now ranked third in AAnalysts Hold Little Hope for A return该公司目前在中国仅排在第三位,是继苹果和小米(拥有5年历史的公司)之后的第三位。


分析人士对新的控制市场持乐观态度。In response,Samsung is working to pare down its crowded smart phone line up。

its also making a major move into India to capture more of the low-cost phone maman But for a real turnaround,Samsung needs to identify its next sill但是为了顺利过渡,三星需要付出更多的努力。with slowing growth and a huge revenue base,Samsung is in need of a new growth engine,Bernstein research analyst mark Newman wrote late last机会是新的快速增长引擎不能再成为手机了。三星将来自大规模扩张的商业帝国的另一个部门。

纽曼指出,医疗器材(三星正在大规模投资)是值得期待的领域。the good news for Samsung fans is that the company has transformation in its genes . new man points to the new management initiative proposed by companyresponding to The threats of globalization and digitization,The new strategy allowed Samsung to be come The company it is today . new man argues to为了应对全球化和信息化的威胁, 纽曼认为公司必须考古“另一个1993年”but that,he notes,is no easy task-especially with the health of chairman lee Kun-hee in question。