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what if someone came up with a new technology product火狐体育 that was hailed as a break through with the potential to rival the smart phone,but then didnthat is what apple is about to do with the launch of its watch . it will start collecting orders online from Friday and release the device in nine count riee这是苹果(Apple)在销售智能手表Watch时不会面临的问题。该公司将从本周五开始接受在线订单,两周后在9个国家销售该设备。

for something that carries with it The best hope yet for a new " wearables " computing platform,The watch risks being hamstrung . only a Suu到目前为止,苹果Watch苹果现有客户中只有少数人最终能够享受到该产品。这是因为与iphone一起初始化,iphone用户只有智能手机用户的六分之一。Apple Watch通过Iphone与外部连接,并具有应用程序,可应用于App Store的Apple自己的移动设备中包含的应用程序的扩展。according To influential us management professors David y offie and Michael cus umano,This is just the latest manifestation of apple ' s half half有影响力的美国管理学教授大卫约菲(David Yoffie)和迈克尔库苏马诺(Michael Cusumano)做出了回应,这只是苹果有兴趣接受技术平台重要性的最新例子。

两人在下周发行的新书《战略规则》 (Strategy Rules)中回答说,双胞胎苹果公司创建由创始人史蒂夫乔布斯(Steve Jobs)集成的产品(即根据苹果自己的原著运营并相互高度集成的各种科技设备),性格大不相同。平台,by contrast,benefit from network effects as other tech companies add complementary products and services,such as apps,Which技术平台不添加其他技术公司补充的产品和服务(例如应用),使更多的用户可以使用,从而获得网络效果的好处。乔布斯最终屈服于平台理念的力量,为苹果移动设备在商店发行了应用。但是,他在约菲和库苏马诺表现出的微妙态度现在在苹果仍然非常突出,该科技集团有可能在智能手机时代以后的计算平台领域失去领先地位。

the picture is not black and white . It is probably better to think of the watch as an extension of an existing tech platform,Rather than a product with事情没那么有意义。 更合理的看法可能是,月牙不是没有平台导向的产品,而是苹果现有技术平台的扩张。

但是,将从第三方运营的简要版应用于。本质上,它代表了新市场的第一个谨慎试验者,随着时间的推移,苹果可以做出新的考虑。history shows that apple is quite prepared to make adjustments . after all,it displayed a similar caution with version 1.0 of other gadgets include历史经验表明,苹果在做出调整之前将制定充分的计划。但是包括ipod和iphone在内的1.0版本的其他产品也表现出了一定的慎重。


itunes是ipod的一部分,音乐软件最初只在Mac中使用。iPod在该软件向IPOD用户公开之前没有销售。同样,iphone最初也无法运营苹果的应用程序。the first iterations of these products didn ' t set the world on fire . apple sold fewer than 1m ipods in the first year and only about 6m iphones 1.0 shout这些产品的早期版本在上市时没有让世界兴奋。


第一年,ipod卖了近百万台,iphone只卖了约600万台。(威廉莎士比亚、ipod、ipod、ipod、ipod、ipod、ipod、ipod)第一代Watch的表现至少不会比这个好太多。大部分分析人士预测,Watch第一年的销售量将约为2000 ~ 4000万韩元。但是,如果将苹果可以穿的设备的主要市场份额让给谷歌(Google)的Android,苹果可能会回答说,就像在智能手机市场做的那样,这种销量错过了好机会。

(威廉莎士比亚,Northern Exposure(美国电视剧),)The trick will be deciding when-and if-to treat The watch as a platform in its own rite很难询问是否将Watch视为独立国家平台。情绪高涨时提出的这种要求并不是看起来总是耐心和慎重的有计划的战略自由选择。

According to various accounts,for instance,Jobs was deeply opposed to opening up itunes and only gave in when his managers ganged up againss“又进行了一次热烈的辩论后,对领导(乔布斯)领导的经理们破口大骂,说:‘你们想做什么就做什么。’大喊。“你们在管理。

”然后生气地离开了房间。“For the watch to cut its tie with the iphone,some fundamental issues would need to be solved,Ranging from battery life(needed to conned)” if one of the watch ' s main uses is to display notifications pushed out by smart phone apps,could it have an independent existence?it may be that wearables like this are never more than marginal peripherals for smart phones,Rather than pieces of a new computing platform in thee如果Watch的主要用途之一是表示智能手机适用于引导时的通知,那么独立国家可能不存在吗?也许这种穿戴设备总有一天只是智能手机不重要的外设,并不是新的独立国家计算平台设备。

the more immediate challenge for apple,meanwhile,Will be to convince its existing loyal customers that there are enough good reasons to BRB同时,苹果公司面临更严重的情况,如何说服现有客户:即使有Apple Designer,也能找到充分的理由炫耀安装在手腕上的电脑。(威廉莎士比亚,《北方执行》(Northern Exposure))。工作室的时尚标志。