企业新闻 | 2021-05-17

what happens when the wave of encryption rippling through the personal technology world washes up against the realities of the data economy?个人技术产品世界引发的加密浪潮在电影中拍摄数字经济的现实时,会不会再次发生?most of the recent debate over the spread of encryption has centred on the implications for personal privacy And national security . less has been abount最近关于热门加密技术的争论集中在个人信息保护和国家安全的意义上,较少涉及商业影响。特别是,加密技术的普遍使用依赖于技术产品和服务的可用性以及从数据中挖掘价值的业务模式,这意味着什么?This week,It was whatsapp ' s turn to push encryption deeper into every day life,With the news that conversations between its 1bn users Will这次,WhatsApp有报道称,加密技术将在——周加密10亿用户之间的对话内容,以便更好地理解人们的日常生活。Facebook的这款通信应用程序以前在巴西纳吉遇到困难,原因是没有根据法院拒绝存储信息。


现在也不能“加载”动态对话。when the makers of mass-market products and services make a show of taking steps such as this to protect their users,It can shift expectations.althoughAt least at the device level,Encryption is quickly becoming the norm . Amazon ' s reversal last month over its latest fire operating system provive至少在设备级别,加密正在迅速成为业界惯例。

上个月亚马逊(Amazon)最近围绕Fire Os的态度发生了很大的变化,证明了这一点。该软件仍然将数据加密作为理所当然的义务的新闻,今后的报道引起了隐私维权者的强烈抗议,迫使3354匆忙改变态度,承诺在今后的修订版中完全恢复新的加密技术。After delays,Google has also moved to default encryption in the most recent release of Android,Its mobile operating system . not that many on多次延期后,谷歌很多Android用户并不能在短时间内看到加密的好处。谷歌的数据显示,该版本发布5个月后,只有2.6%的Android手机运行着最新版本的操作系统。

but this is only one side of the story . few people would want to lock all their data into a single gadget . besides the risk of loss,It would be to turn back除了丢失的危险之外,还等于将时间返回到没有云计算的时代。使用——云技术,用户可以在多种设备上采访个人信息。贝纳迪诺枪击案的恐怖分子也使用了苹果I cloud。

最后一次备份iphone数据是在枪击事件再次发生的7周前。Data in I cloud are encrypted-but,crucially,apple has the keys,making it possible for courts to order it to hand over informationiCloud中存储的数据也是加密的3354,但因此,在与美国联邦调查局(FBI)的抗争后,苹果也在寻找瓦解iCloud加密数据的方法。

There are good reasons,though,To think this drive towards strong encryption will reach a natural Limit . putting cloud-based data beyond To最简单的意思是,如果用户记住密码,就无法恢复个人信息。making information unreadable would alsomake it harder to tailor many online services . personalisation is the great hope for a world awash with uchdd无法读取数据或使企业无法自定义在线服务。



there are also powerful economic motivations for limiting encryption . as Harvard university ' s Berk man center said in a recent report,The add.正如哈佛大学(Harvard University)伯克曼中心(Berkman Center)在最近的报告中所说,谷歌(Google)或Facebook等公司的广告业务是根据对用户的理解来以广告为目标的。many new types of data are also valued for their ability to be processed。for instance,The " internet of things " is founded on The idea of being able to collect,Collate and analyse vast amounts of informats许多新型数据也因为可以加工而受到重视。


基本上提供了看和听的功能。 it is no wonder that many in the tech industry reject the idea that the spread of encryption will make life harder for law enforcement,And instead argue不能忽视加密技术的普及不会提高执法人员再生的可能性,指出“监视的黄金时代”即将到来。that is hardly a phrase guaranteed to instil confidence in their customers . but privacy concerns often take a back seat when new digital services G grees(大卫亚设,Northern Exposure(美国电视),私生活)预计未来几年加密战争不会越来越严重,但不能高估对数字经济的影响。:火狐体育。