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火狐体育直播_Dear house : when I wake up、please turn on the lights、crank up the heat、play some tunes and brew my coffee。亲爱的家:当我睡觉的时候;who hasnt dreamt of a house that can take orders?Austin powerss bed rotates and plays bossa nova at his command。Wallace and Gromit,the animated Englishman and his dog,Live in a house that can wake you,drop you into pants and spread jam on your toast动画《王牌大贱谍》 (Wallace and Gromit)的英国人华莱士和他的爱犬格罗米特住在可以睡觉、穿裤子、在吐司上沾果酱的房子里。

只是总是不按设计思路回去。while im still looking for the perfect internet-connected toaster,I feel a little like Wallace . my smart house has a nest thermostat。

app-controlled Philips hue light bulbs,dropcam streaming security camera,Sonos wireless speakers and a few other automated thingated虽然还没有找到最好的网络烤面包机,但我的“智能”家里有嵌套温度调节器、用于程序控制的Philips (Philips) Hue灯泡、Dropcam的流式安全摄像机、Sonos无线扬声器和许多其他自动化的东西。但是这些设备不知道如何一起工作。Thats because I need more devices!a few companies have begun selling hardware and apps that orchestrate different devices in your home so they talk to each other and to your phone . iii Been我这段时间一直在测试这三个控制器。

都不交月费。分别为299美元Revolv、99美元Staples Connect和99美元SmartThings。when I began playing around with these systems several weeks ago,I had the feeling we were on the cusp of solving the smart-home puzzle . so many start my recommendation is to wait许多初创企业主修住房自动化和住房安全,谷歌(收购Nest)等巨头企业也在安静地部署。 但是现在把这些解决方案中的任何一个带回家,你的生活就会变得不必要地简单。

约翰肯尼迪,生活)玩家不讨厌摆弄这些系统,但对其他关心婚姻、孩子和精神健康的人来说,最好再做一次。when you automate your home with a hub today,physical controls,whether a light switch or coffee potbuttons,Suddenly become unusable今天使用控制中心构建住宅自动化后,不管是电灯电源还是咖啡壶按钮,主体操作装置突然无法使用,或者与自动化程序不兼容。

你和你的家人可能需要考虑如何编程生活。而且,目前还没有能够与所有智能设备对话的控制中心。 我家can now do some nifty tricks,like alerting my phone whenever a door opens,And turning on my porch light when I get a few blocks from home . but现在我家在其中一扇门关上的时候警告我的手机,在我离开家只有几个街区的时候关掉门廊等,可以欺骗微妙的魔法。但是要全部理解,需要很多时间,需要很多钱,有时会变得很奇怪。

smart ening up a home begins with installing a hub . all three are about the size of a big sandwich,Designed to be plugged into a home network and hidded连接到互联网后,问题开始出现。SmartThings没有Wi-Fi,所以需要放路由器。



Revolv,wireless ly communication from the middle of my house,Seemed to do the best job sensing everything . but it could nt even reach wireleetRevolv可以在家中央无线通信,对传感器的一切都很伟大。但是连房子两边的insteon无线灯泡都知道得差不多了。为了让这个控制中心失望,我不得不把灯泡移得更近一些。sady,that was just the beginning . when it comes to my morning routine,Ideally a hub would know I was awake because my activity tracker would tell可悲的是,这意味着开始。

处理早间任务时,理想情况是控制中心要说我已经睡觉了。因为我的活动追踪器不会告诉他我很忙。(阿尔伯特爱因斯坦,时间)但是,目前还没有与Fitbit、Jawbone Up等可穿戴设备进行沟通的控制中心。

为了警告控制中心,我在寝室加了三台动作传感器。Once I triggered a motion sensor,revolv was the only one smart enough to complete all the tasks I asked it to do 3360 turn on lights,Crank up my nough当我启动动作传感器时,只有Revolv的智能化才能完成我下达命令的所有任务。也就是说,关掉灯,降低Nest恒温器温度,记录Sonos扬声器,给咖啡机通电。

Revolv需要执行这些任务的原因之一是无线发射器比竞争对手多。though revolv tapped into my Nest unlike the others,a re presentative for Nest warned me that it isnt an authorized use,And any software updates这三个控制中心与其他恒温器兼容。 this brings up a core issue . many device makers havent opened up their systems to home controllers because of concerns over security and technolols nddWithout more cooperation,hub makers are unable to fulfill the dream of a fully automated home . the staples hub maker says it doesnt want to support这提出了核心问题。

根据安全及技术标准,许多设备生产商尚未向住宅控制装置开放系统。没有更多的合作,控制中心生产者无法构建完全自动简化住房的梦想。Staples Control Center制造商表示,他们反对未加密的设备,并希望通过与设备制造商的合作来确保稳定。

getting the software right is another challenge . all three hubs let you turn on and off devices via your smart phone . but programming automatic requirement但是写自动化的日常事务必须解决问题。还有与法学院入学考试相似的逻辑问题。如果控制中心在一天A小时内感觉到B事件,它将继续执行C任务。


除非D事件再次发生。The best software of the lot,by far,was smartthings.with it,You build commands around specific needs and moments . I used its rise and ss我使用“睡觉晒太阳”模板,在上午6点45分晚上8点的时间段观察传感器的动作,并关闭灯光、扬声器和咖啡壶。另一个程序在我离开家的时候启动这一切。

但是有时这些程序不告诉我为什么失败,是我编程错了,还是系统有问题。(托马斯爱迪生,失败)Staples connect offered some of the same capabilities,but in an interface that was much more difficult to use and often mook The program would kick off then,too.one Sunday night,it kicked off my morning routine over and over,With lights blazing and heater blater 一个星期天的晚上,它反复发动我早上要做的事情,灯光,恒温器,酷热,反抗。

(威廉莎士比亚,温德萨默)对不起Revolv,我拔不出你的电源。Revolv表示,正在减少应用程序的条件。my experience speaks to a broader problem . our lives often have a rhythm,But it will require a much more sophisticated artificial intelligence to我的经历说明了更大的问题。


如果房间里有交通事故动作,我期待收到警告,但只要是猫就行了。its easy to see how home automation will advance-all of the hub makers say theyre regularly rolling out updates to make their software more internet住宅自动化的变化很容易看到,但我生活所需的灵活性机动性远远超过今天控制中心需要应对的水平。_火狐体育直播。