激光雕刻机 | 2021-05-17

【首页】Belleville,wis.-drive past the dairy farms,cornfields and horse pastures here and you will eventually arrive at cate machine welds Afor 46 years,the cates have welded many things-fertilizer tanks,Jet-fighter parts,cheese molds,even a farmer ' s brr这是格伦和46年来,凯茨一家一直焊接化肥罐、喷气式战斗机的零件、奶酪模具,甚至农民的破镜框。And like many small businesses,they have a dusty old computer humming away in the back office . on this one,however,An unusual spy-。这台机器已经被中国黑客收购很久了。the hackers use it to plan and stage attacks . but unbe known to them,a silicon valley start-up is tracking them here,in real time,Watching黑客利用它计划并发动了反击。


但是黑客没有说硅谷早期的公司正在这台机器上追踪他们,动态观察他们的一举一动,在某些情况下动态地制止他们的反击。(威廉莎士比亚、硅、硅、硅、硅、硅、硅、硅)“when they first told us,we said,‘no way’”Mr . catt“we were totad Ked out,”Ms. cate said。“we had no idea we could be used as an infiltration unit for Chinese attacks。


”萝莉凯特说。“我们根本不说。我们渗透到中国反击的一个点。”On a recent Thursday,the hackers ' targets appeared to be A silicon valley food delivery start-up,a major Manhattan law firmon the condition that it not name the targets。

最近星期四黑客攻击的目标可能还包括硅谷的一家食品初创公司、曼哈顿的主要律师事务所、世界第二大航空公司之一、美国南部的一所著名大学、泰国和马来西亚的零星目标。为了看《纽约时报》,凯特家服务器的反击运营者处于不报道不是反击对象的名字的条件下。the activity had the hallmarks of Chinese hackers known as the c0 d0s 0 group,A collection of hackers for hire that the security industry has been the activity had the security这种运营商在C0d0s0团队这几年里,该团体反击银行、律师事务所和技术公司,一度劫持《福布斯》网站,试图将网站访问者的电脑病毒感染恶意软件。

there is a murky And much hyped emerging industry in selling intelligence about attack groups like the c0 d0s 0 group . until recently,Companies今天,有所谓的威胁信息提供者。他们出售采取反击方式的服务。

他们追踪黑客,在反击再次发生之前,为了找到并制止反击,缴纳了约7位以下的年费。these companies have a mixed record of success . still,after years of highly publicized incidents,Gartner,a market research companies这些公司的业绩鱼龙混杂。


尽管如此,在对电脑反击事件进行多年的普遍报道后,市场研究公司加纳(Gartner)预测,威胁信息的市场明年将超过10亿美元,2013年的市场规模仅为2.55亿美元。remark Gaby,Many attacks rely on a tangled maze of compromised computers including those mom-and-pop shops like cate machine welding . the hackers caters值得注意的是,黑客对凯特家的数据不感兴趣。疏忽了,他们把凯特家和其他类似的服务器转换成了他们反击的平台。

these servers offer the perfect cover。they aren ' t terribly well protected,and rarely,if ever,Do the owners discover that their computers have become conduits for spies这些服务器为黑客受到了最好的伏击。

他们往往安全维护不好,服务器所有者很少,很难找到,他们的电脑已经成为间谍和数字骗子的中转站。还有谁不猜凯特家的人呢?Two years ago,the cates received a visit from men informing them that their server had become a conduit for Chinese spies . the cates asked 3332年前凯特家人问道。“是从国家安全局(NSA)来的吗?”One of the men had,in fact,worked at the national security agency years before joining a start-up company,area 1,That focuses on“it's like being a priest,”said Blake darch ,area 1 ' s chich Of his n . s . a . background。


“in other people's minds,you never quite leave the profession。”基本上,其中一个地区专门追踪针对企业的数字反击,最高安全负责人布雷克达尔杜(Blake Darch)提到自己的NSA背景时表示:“看起来是牧师。”在别人心目中,你总有一天会几乎离开那个产业。 “Mr . darchwanted To add the cates ' s server To area 1 ' s network of 50 others that had been co-opted by hackers . area 1 monitors To and out ofThe cates called a family meeting。

“people work really hard to make products,and they 'regetting stolen,Ms. cate said。”“it seemed like the least we could do。”area 1 paid for the installation cost,about $150。


shortly after installing a sensor on the machine,Mr . darchsaid his hunch was confirmed : the sensor lit up with attacks . area 1 began to mm观测设备亮起了逆袭的信号。(威廉莎士比亚、斯图尔特、电脑名言)()开始看到一种模式,知道在一个地区输了。